Briones District Troop Challenge 2018

Buccaneers Take Over Camp Herms!

Troop Challenge 2018 was a blast! Captain Harnoor returns after exile from his Soviet abode to terrorize the seas. Meanwhile, the East India Company has been aggressively expanding into the Caribbean. Merchants and peasants are faced with new tariffs, taxes, and fees. Luckily, the pirates have turned away from their plundering and have reinstituted a new community of democracy of justice, equality, liberty, and freedom. Captain Stevie Bones of The Falling Frenchman is concerned this arrangement will fall apart in about a year’s time, when the gold is predicted to run out from the Herms treasure and a new conflict will arise. Keep a weather eye out for more information. Congratulations to the Scouts who competed in the 2018 Briones District Troop Challenge!! Each and every patrol touched our hearts in one way or another. We saw many patrols that inspired us and demonstrated great proficiency in scout skills. It was also exciting to see many young patrols and envision their future. See you next year Scouts!

-TC Staff

East India Company Fleet Sails for Herms Isle

Troop Challenge Theme Video Released!

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